Don't poke an eye out.


(Verse 1; Disjointed)

I roam in a biome of code and typos
Phantom in a black box, infect your bios
Croak when I melt the diodes like warm butter
Call Fios, wires outlining the storm gutters

Preordained Tech wiz, don’t open the message
Rap game Brexit, I void warranties for breakfast
Poke fun at net kids soakin in a pool of red
Pictures on the web, single bullet embedded, dead

Refreshing the page, never find me enough
Wire me up, wait refresh the page, wire me up
Erasing your life work’s data from the database
From the back up it fade away, backspacing your raid array

So ECC, leave PC's cleaved, it’ not unhealthy
I feast on Flp’s and excrete excel sheet
Topping all benchmarks and never unstable
Run the gamut, not candid man, it’s like heaven with cable

(Verse 2; SIn7ven)

When you hear weird whispers in the Wired
Better steer clear, don’t stick your whiskers in the tires
Or anywhere near, I fear many don’t listen though
And that’s about what happens in like episode 6 or so

Commencing rapper data burial
Magisterial in mastery of scathing parable
Unbearable, full of moody glitches and malware
Keep out my room, I hang my coolest pictures of Hal there

Ain’t nothing change, still puffing flames
Loving Lain, yawning, tossing, staying up for days
In a long exchange for pocket change
Impromptu muffin flakes, debates and plaza space the blogging takes

Twitter me, I’ll terrorize your terabytes
The farenheits on your machine indicate your tarot signs
I’ll vindicate the barren tribes, a dry voice that showers rhymes
Wanders in a bright void of white noise and power lines


Produced By Disjointed
Mixed/Mastered By Disjointed
Cover Art by Sin7ven

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Disjointed New Hampshire

20 Goddamn years old, what am I doing

Rapper/Producer/ and engineer for the Boomslang Crew

Repping that 603 to the fullest

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